The Best Organic Thai Cuisine

366 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070


Year 2004, the delicacy of an organic origin was born on El Camino real. Sirayvah Organic Thai cuisine is what they called it.


But who exactly is “they”? This is the story of how the Thai organic restaurant you all love began.

Kwang, one of the owners got the idea of organic food from her Mother. Her mother who was fighting breast cancer. As Kwang needed to make food that would benefit her mother’s health and still taste good. That’s where the thought of organic food appeared, which soon came to the idea of a thai restaurant with food that's organic. Healthy yet delicious food everyone could enjoy. Sirayvah Organic Cuisine came to life and was named after the owner’s first daughter. Not only does Kwang run the business but so does Jovii.


Jovii is both a chef and owner that puts in the care and effort for each dish. Also personally coming up with the thai dishes on the menu for all. Not only is our food organic but it is also completely of Thai origin, authentic flavours and scents just like local food in Thailand. Although, it does have a little special touch from Jovii and Kwang in it too.


"This upscale Thai restaurant exudes elegance without pretension. Unlike many Thai restaurants in the Bay Area, Sirayvah -- named after the couple's oldest daughter -- uses mostly organic ingredients, free- range meats and wild seafood..."